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VLUME is the largest and leading Armenian digital library, which enables users to read & listen to their favorite books on their daily-life devices. With over 5 years of experience our library of hundreds of ebooks and thousands of hours of audio recordings, have already gained the love and praise of the public, and we are happy to continue to make literature available to anyone in any format.

With VLUME you will be able to:

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Not sure what to gift to your friend or loved ones? Do you want to gift something that will ensure value and give joy? What better gifts than books?! Knowledge, adventures, stories, legends and history are all present in books. Well, instead of a book, you can gift the entire library of VLUME of ebooks, audiobooks and animation series.


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Huge book selection

The most complete Armenian eBook and audiobook selection available.

Highly recommended Armenian digital library!

Thanks a lot for the work to produce Armenian Ebooks. Recommended!

What a beautiful app specially for little ones… the Treasure Island Գանձերու Կղզին cartoon is amazing … parents share the Armenian fun time with the children 🇦🇲

Great app!!! Very user friendly and high quality selection. I hope you would enrich the list of the books. All the best!!!

Treasure Island - Series

The world-known and famous animation adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is exclusively available in Armenian on VLUME. The story of a young man who goes on a journey to find the hidden treasure, and gets into an unprecedented adventures and fights with the scariest pirates who ever raided the sea, is the basis of almost all pirate stories and characters to come. You can watch the series here.

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