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Vlume & Glendale Library, Arts & Culture partnership

The largest Armenian digital library, Vlume is happy to announce a partnership with Glendale Library, Arts & Culture.

From now on, book lovers in Glendale will be able to enjoy Vlume’s wide and growing collection of ebooks, audiobooks and animation series for FREE.

How to sign up

How to use VLUME for FREE:

1. Click here if you’re not  GLAC member yet.

2. Download the Vlume application:

Google Play

App Store

Skip the “Subscribe now” from the top right of your app screen. 

3. Tap the “Settings” Icon on the bottom right corner. Go to “Account” and then to “Institution Membership.” 

4. Tap the purple “Link” icon, fill in your GLAC library card number and tap “Continue.”

Congratulations! You now have access to all items for free through Glendale Library, Arts & Culture for as long as you continuously use the app.

Note: If you stop using the app you may have to wait a short time to gain access again.

Become a GLAC member

In case you still aren’t a member of the GLAC, here’s how you can become one and start using Vlume’s application for free.

  1. Visit https://pgpl.iii.com/selfreg~S5.
  2. Fill in the form accordingly.
  3. You will now be redirected to page where you will find your 7 digit barcode. Make sure to save it.
  4. Proceed to creating a PIN/Password as suggested on the page.
  5. VOILA! You are now a member of GLAC and can start using Vlume for free.

Enjoy the largest Armenian digital library for free

About the partnership

Vlume offers content from 12+ publishers from well over 300 classical and modern authors, the app supports eastern and western Armenian and English. Vlume’s library holds over 800 titles and 1000 hours of audio content.

Within the partnership, the monthly subscription fee will be nulled for GLAC library members. There’s no limit on the number of books and content a user can consume.

It’s worth to mention that this is our first-ever partnership with a public library. Hopefully we’ll be back with more good news to all the book lovers all over the world.

We wish you happy reading.